Android, iOs, WP7

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We create custom APPS to suit your company needs.

We expand your solutions business for the mobile world.

Great quality and versatility

APPS that complement your company's Software system.

iOs, Android, Windows Phone

Metro Style Apps

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We are already developing applications for windows 8.

The new operating system from microsoft will revolutionize the market. We are currently already developing new applications for the platform Metro Ui which promises to be a success.

Windows 8 Metro Style

100% Working

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Analysis and Consulting

from scratch development

Implementation, training and assistance

100% Satisfaction

HTML 5 Power

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The power of HTML 5 is the future.

HTML 5 is the most innovative and versatile technology of the moment. Applications developed with this technology has no limits on the hardware and operating systems which can be executed. At Exponential Software whe already use this technology.

Html 5 Power

“Web 2.0 Apps”

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Profissional  Webite for 150 € instead of 300 €

Our last work

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It is with great enthusiasm that we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest project, the website "Portugal senior". It is a portal targeted to support the elderly with a social network itself, and employment exchange. This portal was developed with @ Net technology and is now a SAPO.PT channel.

Portugal sénior